What does a general credit card decline mean?

When donating to a campaign and you receive an error message like the example shown below, it may happen for a number of different reasons.  The most common cause of credit card authorizations that fail on a checkout is a general decline. When this happens, the error message may appear to look like this:

.... “error”: “processing_error”, “error_description”: “Unable to charge payment method: general decline”, “error_code”: 2004 ....

Usually, this means that the issuing bank declined the transaction. The most common reasons are:

  • Address (AVS) or ZIP mismatch
  • Invalid CVV/Expiration date
  • Transaction timing out
  • Insufficient funds
  • Restrictions on the card itself
  • Fraud or risk decision

In the event of a general decline, we recommend that the card holder reach out to their issuing bank to see what the issue is.  The donor can use a different credit card to make a donation.  

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