Tips on Creating the Ultimate Campaign

You made a great decision to tell your story & raise support using  Our goal is to help you succeed, so we are sharing with you some valuable tips on how to raise money now.  

1. Facebook share

This step should be the first thing you do. Every campaign author should Facebook verify their campaign. This communicates validity and trust to the one’s viewing your campaign. It’s better when people can connect a face to a name.  Facebook sharing with all your friends and family is the best way to connect your campaign with those closest to you.  Sharing on FB increases your chances of donations by over 300%! Make sure you ask them to like and share too.

2. Donate to your own campaign

This gets your campaign moving and sets the example for others to follow. By donating to your own campaign, you show your online audience that you believe in your story. This is especially important when creating campaigns for others, events or causes.

3. Share your campaign link

Through email, text and other social medias you belong to. Everyone has a network of connections in their email and phone contacts. It doesn’t take long to create a quick message and share it via email and text. The more people that know about your campaign…the more donations are possible!

4. Use the best photos

As your main campaign image and in your updates, be sure and use the best photos possible to represent exactly what and/or who you are raising money for.  Real pictures work 100% better than a generic image.

5. Post updates often & thank donors

It’s a fact that campaigns that post updates receive more donations … up to 200% more!  Once you publish your campaign, you should continue to update it at least once/week.  Every time you post an update, your donors receive an email.  This keeps them engaged and aware of how your fundraising efforts are going. In your updates, you can include story updates, pictures, video & more. Keep it simple. Be sure and social share your updates too. 

We made it super easy for you to say “Thank You”. All donors will be listed along with their donation amount in your account dashboard. Simply click the “thank you” button.. and it’s done!

6. Activate your Withdrawals

After funds have been donated to your Move Your Mountain campaign, you want to initiate your first withdrawal.  Your first withdrawal may take 2-5 days to receive (daily after that).  Be sure you have linked your bank account right away. You need to confirm your WePay account within 14 days of creating your Move Your Mountain campaign, otherwise donations may be stopped or even refunded. 

Hope these tips help you!  


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