Am I liable for taxes?

Since every person has a different situation and tax rules can sometimes vary annually, we are not able to render tax advice. We recommend that you keep an accurate report of donations received and talk with your personal tax consultant regarding this issue.

Typically, donations to Move Your Mountain fundraising campaigns are usually given as a "gift" to help a person and/or cause, which are not for the most part taxed as income in the United States. Nonetheless, there may be specific situations where income is taxable (this depends on amounts received and use of the funds).

In addition, WePay does not report funds that you collected as earned income. It will be up to you to decide whether the funds you collected serve as taxable income or not (again, you should review this with your tax adviser).  The person whose information is recorded on the WePay account, and who is receiving the money may be liable for taxes.

Remember each situation varies, so we recommend you discuss with a tax adviser.

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