When do I need to enter my bank information?

All donations to your campaign will appear in the WePay account that was generated for you when you set up your Move Your Mountain account and campaign.  You will need to have your bank account information entered when you request your first withdrawal.

To request a withdrawal, sign into your account, click on "Dashboard". From there, click on "Withdraw Money" and follow the prompts.  You'll need to enter your personal information, and then link your bank account.  Withdrawals will begin to process and you can customize how often you want the funds deposited. Daily is the recommended choice, but you will have other options to choose from as well.

*Important: You have 14 days to confirm your WePay and link a bank account, or your campaign will be unable to accept more donations. After 30 days, donations will be refunded and no new payments can be received.



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