Fast Access to Your Money

Next Day Deposits--That's how fast you can have access to your money!

The ability to access your donations rapidly is a feature we pride ourselves on here at Move Your Mountain.

After your Move Your Mountain campaign is set up, you will receive an email from WePay to "Confirm" your WePay account. Click "Confirm" to set a password for WePay.

*This is a time sensitive issue. Confirming your WePay account needs to be done ASAP.

After you receive your first donation, request an initial withdrawal. Your initial deposit will be made into your bank account in as soon as 2-5 business days.  You can set your WePay preferences to "daily" withdrawals.

*Important:  You must confirm your WePay account within 14 days of setting up your Move Your Mountain campaign, or your campaign will stop accepting donations. After 30 days, donations will be refunded and no new payments can be received.

That’s it!

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