How to Facebook verify my campaign?

Adding the Facebook verification to your campaign is an important step in adding validity to your campaign. It adds an element of trust if people can see the face of the person raising money.

If you created your Move Your Mountain account using your email address, your campaign will only show your name and city, state at the bottom of the campaign page, like this photo shows:


In order to have your photo appear with your name and city, state you need to Facebook Verify your account (if you have a Facebook account).

Here are the steps to add your FB picture:

1. Login to with the same email address and password you used to set up your account.

2. Once you are at your dashboard, click on Account Settings, shown here:


3. Next, click on the 'Verify with Facebook' box at the bottom right corner. Once you click on it, then you will see the box change to 'Facebook Verified'. See the before & after photos below:

4. Now your Facebook picture will appear at the bottom of your campaign page, as shown below:


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