How do I add an image to my campaign?

As you are creating your Move Your Mountain campaign, the first steps you will take are:

  • Set your Campaign Goal
  • Input your Campaign Information
  • On the "Featured Image" tab is where you will load the main image that will appear with your campaign
  • Click on "Upload Photo" or "Facebook Photo" to upload an image/picture, OR click on "YouTube or Vimeo" to upload a video as your main image
  • Click "Continue" to save your work

*Note: If you upload a large image, our system will automatically adjust the photo to fit into the specified image box.  A horizontal picture looks the best, but when that's not available don't worry about a thing, go ahead and load a vertical picture and our system will auto adjust.

If you have any issues with this, please let us know - we will help you!



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