How do I start a campaign for someone else?

There are many campaigns that are set up to benefit someone else. This could be a family member, friend, neighbor, cause.... the options are endless!

If you are the one creating the campaign, you should use your own name and email address. You should also use your personal Facebook profile so it's visible to donors who is creating the campaign.

In your campaign story, you should define:

  • Who you are in relation to the person you are doing the campaign for
  • What the money raised will be used for (be as detailed as you can)

Then you will be able to send the funds directly to the person you created the campaign for.  Your loved one will thank you for doing something so generous for them!

*Note: If you already have an established Move Your Mountain account and do not want this campaign for someone else attached to your WePay account, you can create a Move Your Mountain campaign for someone else using your email address and password. Follow the instructions in the link below if you are raising money for someone else, which will enable the recipient to receive the WePay account verification email directly and they will be in charge of receiving funds.

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