Can I use PayPal?

Move Your Mountain chose to work with WePay for all payment processing from donations to your campaign, and all withdrawals.

As you set up your Move Your Mountain campaign, a WePay account will automatically be created for you.  All you need to do is confirm your WePay account by entering your personal information and linking a bank account with WePay. Then you will be able to set up your withdrawal settings.

PayPal is another recognizable method used for transactions.  We found that WePay offers our campaign authors and our donors a smoother experience.  WePay gives everyone the ability to donate to a campaign using a credit card or debit card, without requiring them to create an account before making the transaction.  The result is creating more potential donations for you!  

WePay offers a high level of security for all our users and donors.  They take security seriously!  You can learn more about them here: