Fundraising Tips: Fundraising makes you a better person and it’s fun

Recently, I was standing in front of a group of  people who are volunteering for a college fundraising project.

They all were hungry to make an impact and to help out one of the best universities in the country.

The University of Nevada is embarking on a new community connection campaign.

I asked how many were excited to go out and ask others for money?

Not one person raised their hand.  In fact, it was like I had just made them aware of what they are going to be doing.

They want a greater university and they want a greater experience on campus…yet they really don’t want to have to raise money…they kind of felt like it was a pain.

So, I paused and said “Guys, it’s like having a nice car and never putting fuel in it. Eventually it will be useless or just get stuck on the side of the road.  Fuel is required!  You will be fueling up for the rest of your life.  So find a way to enjoy it and understand it’s benefits”.

Fundraising is FUN .  Fundraising causes you to take your eyes and mind off yourself and focus on serving others.  Whenever you serve others and think of others first, you become better… feel better….truthfully, you are better.

I began to see the impact on people years ago.  People will work harder and longer for others.  People feel like they are improving the world and fighting for good when they help others.

Reality is : You will almost always become more prosperous when you give and cause giving.  Giving has a “Happiness” effect and a “Believing” effect.  When you are Happy and Believe…you do better and get better results.

Harvard and University of British Columbia did a study that showed spending money on yourself barely moved the needle in inspiration. Yet giving to others of your time and money moved the needle significantly.

Charitable giving improves you.

Giving of your money and of your time affects your thoughts.  People believe they are truly making a difference and solving problems when they give.

Problem solvers are happier and more effective. They believe and are not just bystanders or victims.  Givers believe they are in control.

If philanthropy raises your well-being (makes you feel better and think better),  then philanthropy leads to prosperity.

Philanthropy is usually work on top of your job and current life. You have to stretch.  You may even go without so you can give more.  Again…sacrifice grows you.  You develop an  “and then some” standard for your thinking and life.

I have seen volunteers work hours into the night on top of their jobs and yet do it joyfully and with a sense that they are improving the world.

I have never heard a giver say they are busy.  Yet they are typically busier than most.  They never use an excuse…because they know they aren’t valid reasons.

Everyone has time to “Change the World”.

What could you do right now that would put you in a giving state?  What cause is calling you?  What project is worthy and just needs your passion?

Join something.

Cause something.

Inspire others to join you.

It will set you in a direction that will bless you and all those that join you.

Cause Blessings and Cause Inspiration.







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