Why Move Your Mountain for Fundraising?

Why Move Your Mountain is the right choice.

Excellence is never saturated.

There is always room in the marketplace for people/companies that serve the community with their very best.

The economy is never too full or too crowded to welcome in a new company or product that will improve the benefit to the community.

Fundraising is not new.  Fundraising is changing though.  The internet is the new favorite tool for fundraisers everywhere.

Fundraising online really began to go mainstream as an industry in 2009.

There are hundreds of fundraising sites popping up, all trying to scoop up the online frenzy.  Most just trying to make a buck.  Not really committed to improving the industry or the world.  Most will be gone in a few years.  The marketplace has a very keen sense about companies and gimmicks.  The marketplace has a very sophisticated filter that is unforgiving.  If you’re not committed to improving and serving the community with your products and services, you will be eliminated.

Online fundraising (crowdfunding) is here to stay.

This is not a fad.  It saves time and it works.

The race is to build the platforms that enhance the fundraisers efforts and help them achieve their goals faster.  Move Your Mountain is like adding a turbo to your fundraising engine.  We have taken the design and features to a whole new level of excellence.  We even help you market your campaign! Yes, market.

Save time, Save money and achieve better results.

The unique benefits that you receive when you use the Move Your Mountain platform:

* Free set up

* Custom design templates for your page

* Unlimited number of campaigns

* QR codes and promo flyers

* Text updating and sharing feature

* Email training

* Fantastic analytics to help you in your campaigns

* PCI compliant and secure processing

* Automatic receipting

* Social Media Integration

* Mobile

* URL forwarding

* Domain masking

* Priority support from fun and helpful people

* Custom Donor “update” and "thank you" communication

* We notify Donors and Foundations in your area that you have launched a campaign that fits their giving.

Move Your Mountain is your Ideal Partner for SUCCESSFUL FUNDRAISING.

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