Fundraising Tips: How do I promote my fundraising campaign ?

How do I promote my campaign ?

9 simple points!

  1. Have a clear picture of exactly what you want. (Fun and Inspiring always works 
  2. Have a clear reason “Why” you want this
  3. Have a specific date/timeline for the victory to be achieved
  4. Have a photo, written quote etc…that you can carry with you. This will help you keep the “Why” your focus
  5. Go to and start your campaign
  6. Write a name list of everyone you know. Family, Friends, Work, Church, Sports, School, Hobbies etc.  Start calling and emailing this list and sharing your story. Ask them to also do a namelist. (your 30-40 can become 400-500 overnight)
  7. Ask your namelist if any would like to champion your cause with you.  Print out Promo cards so people can hand them out
  8. Read the Newsletter on “PR” and follow its steps.  This will be key to big results!
  9. Update your campaign with photos and videos weekly.

Key Point: Every-time you update your campaign, Move Your Mountain emails all your donors instantly with a link to the newest update!  Update often and stay connected. Use all the social media you can.  Those that update are 200-300% more likely to succeed.

Your belief and attitude will be vital. Your belief and attitude will show up on your smile and in your actions.  Show people why your cause and the pending victory is worth supporting.

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