How to use Twitter EFFECTIVELY for your online fundraising campaign

Are you giving your campaign enough visibility? Are you engaging as many people as you could be?

If not, consider these easy tips using your Twitter account to get you going:

  • Share your campaign on Twitter. Tell your supporters about your cause, why you need their help and how their donations will help you. A tweet is similar to a Facebook status update however every tweet will arrive at every follower's feed
  • Make sure to  include a call to action in your tweet, such a "Support our #fundraising efforts #MoveYourMtn." Include important details about your campaign that will grab your follower's attention
  • Make sure to connect and build your twitter community by following relevant people. You need to reach out and touch as many people you know in your neighborhood, non-profit organizations and any communities related to what you are raising money for
  • Using Relevant and Popular hashtags is super important in allowing you to engage with different and multiple twitter communities, which members can then tweet and retweet (RT) your campaign over and over. Remember using hashtags allow other people to easily find and tweet or retweet your campaign
  • Pictures say a thousand words, so why not include photos or images in your tweets whenever possible? The first 6 photos you share on twitter automatically appear on your twitter profile page, allowing you to tell your story visually.  **Be sure to let people know when the link is a photo by adding [PIC] before the image
  • Ask your followers to retweet your tweet. A tweet's retweet rate increases 12 times when you ask your followers for a retweet

Now go out there and start TWEETING!! @MoveYourMtn #raisemorekeepmore


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