Include a video in your Fundraising Campaign

Adding or including a video to your campaign will significantly improve your fundraising success rate. Not only will videos be beneficial to particular people who don’t have the time to read your written story, but they also have more power to strongly engage others to support your cause.

You can have a video as your main campaign featured image, you can put a video into your story, and/or you can upload a video in any of your updates.  A combination of both pictures and video is best.

Your video should be short, sweet and to the point. The ideal length is between 60 and 90 seconds. Your video doesn’t have to be a high quality production, it can be as simple as recording yourself with a camera phone.

Your video should explain WHO you are and WHY you have started on online fundraising campaign. Don’t forget to include the phrase “Please support and share my campaign.”

Right now Move Your Mountain only accepts YouTube or Vimeo video links for your fundraising campaign. For steps on how to upload a video, click here.


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