How to Create a Page on Facebook

Did you know that 96% of people who are active on social media have a FB page?

There are a couple different types of Facebook pages, which are free to use.

Most people set up a (1) 'Personal' Facebook page. There is also a Facebook page that you can set up for a (2) 'business/organization/cause', etc. On this type of Facebook page, you can add the Move Your Mountain "Give" app so when people visit this page, they can click on this app and it will connect them directly to your campaign! This makes it very easy for people to be able to donate to your cause.  

You won't be able to add the Move Your Mountain "Give" app to your 'Personal' Facebook page.  So if you are raising money for a special cause, go ahead and create a page where you can invite your friends to 'Like' and 'Follow' your news feed, make comments on posts, and reach your fundraiser directly from there.

This is especially good for potentially long running campaigns like Team Fundraisers, Medical Situations, and more.

1. To create a Personal Facebook page, enter your personal information into the boxes under 'Sign Up':

2. To create a Facebook page for your cause, click on the link at the very bottom of this previous screen 'Create a Page' for a celebrity, brand or business and you will be directed to this page:

Now that these are created, read this great article from one of our expert bloggers on how to maximize this page!

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