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Reading books can inspire you, but so can the act of GIVING books.  I have the privilege to introduce you to “Kate’s Kart“.  They are an AMAZING non-profit located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They supply brand new, free books to hospitalized children to keep for their enjoyment.  Unless you’ve been in the hospital with a sick child, you can’t imagine the stress and loneliness that you and your child feel.  The gift of a book not only brightens a child’s day, but it also gives the family a world to “escape” to and for a brief moment, they are able to forget about the medical crisis, and can focus on the characters and story of the book. Kate’s Kart is inspiring the gift of giving…one book at a time.

Kate’s Kart was founded in 2008 by the Layman family in memory of their daughter, Katherine Anne Layman (affectionately known to family and friends as “Baby Kate”). Since then, our organization has grown to service 16 area hospitals, plus several pediatric offices. We currently have over 100 volunteers collecting, counting, sorting, labeling, stocking and distributing books.

Baby Kate was on this earth for 568 days and has left a legacy of love.  Her parents and brothers continue to honor her by volunteering at hospitals through Kate’s Kart, leading book drives, and delivering “books from the heart”.

What started as an idea…to remember Kate, to keep her name alive, to deliver books to sick children in one hospital, has grown so much.  As of September 30, 2014, Kate’s Kart has handed out over 85,529 books at 16 hospitals by over 100 volunteers.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Indiana and are near one of the participating hospitals, you can find out how to volunteer at Kate’s Kart and deliver books on their website.

If you’re not local to Indiana, no worries. We’ve got lots of ideas and ways that you can help support Kate’s Kart.

  • Just share Kate’s Kart by word of mouth or on your social media platforms
  • Hold a Book Drive (details can be found Here)
  • Start an Online Fundraiser with MoveYourMountain and donate the proceeds directly to Kate’s Kart (think BIG…don’t just write a check, think of how much YOUR crowd could raise for Kate)
  • Buy books and/or gift cards and mail them directly to Kate’s Kart offices
  • Share this post with your friends and family to inspire them also

Wrapping up this family up in a warm hug is what I’d LOVE for us all to do, but…that might freak them out a little. So, show your support to organizations like this by sharing the good that they do and donating when you can.

Inspiring the world…one book at a time.

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