How Triple 8 Can Change the Life of a Young Adult–#FundraisingFriday


#FundraisingFriday is about featuring a fundraising campaign that is hosted here on Move Your Mountain.  We will be highlighting their fundraising efforts and if you feel so inclined, please do share their campaign with your friends.  (Because, we think they’re already pretty awesome, that’s why we’re sharing it with you!).

Nevada Youth Empowerment Project (NYEP) is an AMAZING non-profit organization based here in Reno. They help over 70 transition aged teens develop self sufficiency each year. Your donations provide the basic needs and daily support to the young adults who have not yet learned the lessons and skills necessary to live successfully on their own.

Did you know it only takes 2000 people to give $8.88 per month to sustain NYEP’s Community Living Program?  This allows us to provide a residential life program to transitioning youth facing poverty and homelessness.  We even provide an onsite clothing closet for youth in need.

By supporting NYEP, you’re not only helping the youth, but you’re investing in the future of our community.  With the small donation of only $8.88 a month, the cost of two big mac meals, you’re able to keep NYEP running and helping the young adults in the Reno area.

Click HERE to read more about this amazing organization commit to donating just $8.88 a month.

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