Helping Your Neighbor #FundraisingFriday

helping your neighbor

‘Tis the season for holiday songs, hot cocoa, and attitudes of gratitude…for giving and being thankful. These last few weeks have brought so much awareness into the offices here at Move Your Mountain. We have felt the true essence of helping your neighbor when our community was rocked by the tragedy of the Ashley Deane Family.  We saw what the power of friends and a community can do when they come together to help a neighbor…and we saw the positive impact our website can have in the midst of a tragedy.

What started out as a conversation among friends on how they could help their friend and neighbor who lost her husband and two sons, turned into a community fundraising movement that has raised almost $50,000 just on our website alone. With volunteers and neighbors contributing, vigils were held, fundraisers were held, and Move Your Mountain was honored to be a part of the team that helped a community come together to show support.

Just days after the Deane campaign was started, another sad event happened in our community, and once again, it was a neighbor that stepped in and said, “WHAT can I do to help”?

It’s that initiative and desire to help others, that propels people to start a fundraising campaign on Move Your Mountain. The emotional support and financial support that can be shown through just a small donation can make the world of difference in a time of need.

Helping your neighbor can be MORE than just bringing over dinner.

It can be rallying the community together for a common cause.

It can be THAT gesture of offering financial support before someone even realizes that they need it.

During this time of giving…please remember your neighbors.

When you’re not sure WHAT you can do to help…think about what YOU would need in that situation.

We’re just a click away…and want to help you raise money for what matters most to you.

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