Sharing Your Campaign on Facebook

Have you shared your campaign on Facebook yet?

It's highly beneficial that you share your campaign on Facebook, as well as other social medias like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

A persons' Facebook news feed often gets a massive amount of posts, and users may scroll right over an important post.  There are a few things you can do when sharing your campaign through Facebook.

1. Post your new campaign to your Facebook page immediately after creating your campaign. Your campaign will get most of it's attention right after it's created. 

2. With this post, write a compelling message like: "This family has been close friends of ours for years and now they are struggling with (---) and are reaching out to friends and family for support. Please help by donating and sharing this campaign with all your friends & family". Be sure to attach a link to the campaign which will auto populate the picture attached to the campaign. Photos always get more attention on social media.

3. Pin your post to the top of the page: This is effective because it keeps your campaign at the top of your Facebook page. After you have posted your campaign on FB, at the top right corner there's a small down arrow icon, click on this and chose 'Pin to Top'. This keeps your post at the top of your page until you remove the pin.

Make sure your friends and family see your posts by sharing your campaign more than one time.  Every time you post an update and/or new pictures to your campaign, you should share it again and ask your FB friends to share it too!


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