How a Boy with Aspergers Getting a New Bed Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

boy with aspergers

When you tuck your child into bed at night…you kiss their cheek, brush their hair away from their eyes, and turn the light-switch off as you leave the room. You know they are safe from danger, in a loving home, and surrounded by all the good that the world can summon.

When a child is born with ADD and Aspergers, they are already predisposed to have a few characteristics that may set them apart from their peers. They may be socially awkward, have difficulty interacting with others, and an inability to focus on things.

What happens when THAT child…the one that you just tucked into bed, not only has ADD and Aspergers…but, had a life before you? A life filled with anger, hate, abuse, and neglect. Where the adorable blond boy before your eyes had to witness his mother take her last dying breath at the hands of his enraged father. When the entire world this little boy knows has come crashing down like the waves of an enraged storm.

This is the story of Alexander. The boy that lies sleeping in that bed. The boy with Aspergers. This is the story of how our Alexander the Great was born into a life that was full of turmoil and anger. The boy who was loved by so many, yet experienced things no boy should ever have to.

I’m sharing this story…because from the moment the news aired at the headline about a man who had stabbed his wife to death, my heart was already engaged. When I later came to realize that it was only a young boy who called 911 to get help for his mother, my heart was truly broken.

Then, in a twist of fate, the story of this little boy who witnessed an unspeakable act, was brought back into my life. This little blond boy, that lay sleeping in his bed, was set before me and I could not close my eyes.

I was emailed by a family member and we started talking. She shared Alexander’s story with me…and his campaign to raise money. It is HIS story that I am sharing with you.

Alexander was only 11 years old when his father stabbed his mother to death…before his young, fearful eyes. He was only 11 years old when he had to call a 911 operator and ask for help. He was only 11 years old when he no longer had the rock in his world and would never be the same boy again.

With tears in my eyes, I can only imagine if my own son had to endure such an event, what scars his life would hold, and how he would ever overcome such a memory. As a mother of a son with Autism, it also tugged at my heart knowing how much more difficult this event would be for Alexander and those that chose to take care of him now.

It is with a mended heart, that I can share with you that our Alexander the Great is sleeping soundly in a new bed…with extended family in a new area. He attends school and has a new life ahead of him.

It is with great joy that I can tell you how our community has come together to offer support for Alexander and to ensure that he gets the proper therapy and medical attention that he will need throughout his future. That the local police, school principal, teachers, and social workers gave their hearts to help Alexander.

That although his journey to mend will be long…therapists and providers who are skilled with children with Aspergers and ADD are in-line and ready to help.

This is the story of Alexander…the boy who started out life with challenges…was raised in a home with abuse, but how a community wrapped him up in a cozy blanket and put him in a safe bed.

The family thanks you…from the bottom of their hearts.

I thank the family for letting me share Alexander’s story.

If you’d like to contribute to Alexander’s Campaign, please do so HERE.

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