A Fighting Tiger in Reno

Jackson Bowen is an amazing young man who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma. Jackson will be going through a pretty intensive treatment program which includes: chemo, radiation, and surgery.

In just a few weeks, the community, friends, and family have rallied together to raise almost $10,000 for Jackson and his family. Jackson is truly a #fightingtiger!

“Jackson is tolerating chemo well and in good spirits. The doctors said he will have relief from the pain from the tumor even in this first round of chemo. Yea!!!! Thank you all for the continued prayers, hugs, support, smiles, laughs, pictures, hope, love, faith, texts and messages. You lift our spirits!” – Megan Barker Bowen

Families like Jackson’s not only have the medical costs to cover related to his illness…but, so many other things. The travel back and forth to UCSF for treatments, time away from work from one or both parents, special foods and equipment requirements. All these things add up…and the Bowen family thanks all their supporters for helping them focus on JACKSON and not the bills right now.

If you want to help this #FightingTiger, donate now to Jackson’s Medical Fund.

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