Using the Power of Twitter to get more donations

Did you know that “tweeting” about your campaign can get more donations?

Create tweets that stand out. See a couple of examples below. Be sure to use relevant and popular hashtags when sending tweets. 

  • Thank you @(nameofdonor) for your contribution to my #MoveYourMtn. Please help me reach my #fundraising goal by donating here: (insert campaign link).
  • Please RT: Support my #fundraising goal for (your cause). Every $1 makes a difference (insert campaign link).

Because Twitter only allows a certain number of characters in your tweet, you can use this site to shorten your campaign link:  Just paste your campaign link into the box provided, then click "shorten". When the new campaign link appears, just click on "copy". Now you can use this new shortened version of your campaign link on all your tweets and other social medias as well. All social media sites recognize a bitly link.

This will help you get the word out about your campaign!




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