Comparing Crowdfunding Website Fees

comparing crowdfunding sites

Getting to the bottom line of a crowdfunding website can be a bit tricky.  It’s like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack many times.  If you’re looking for the bottom line…you want to know what the fees are and what the website is going to do for you.

That’s It!  

You don’t care about any fluff, tips, tricks, or helping them keep their website going.

You want to know what it’s going to cost.  Is it THAT hard to explain?

If you start comparing crowdfunding sites, you’ll see processing fees, transaction fees, tips, gifting of transaction fees, and even operating costs.

We’re taking the mystery and guesswork out of finding the BOTTOM line costs of starting an online fundraiser.  It all starts with understanding that there are THREE types of fees.

Site Fee–This is the fee that the crowdfunding site collects to cover it’s operating costs.  (I know…I wish developers, writers, and customer service agents worked for free…but, that isn’t the case.  The operating costs are what the company needs to keep the site running smoothly for you.) This site fee is what stays with the crowdfunding website to cover those operating costs.

Processing Fee (Transaction fee)–This is a fee charged by the payment processing site that the fundraising website is using. Many times this will be WePay, PayPal, or Swipe. These charges are what you pay to be able to use your credit card. (even brick and mortar stores are charged a processing fee when you use your credit card in their store. This isn’t a made up charge…it’s the standard in the business to have the flexibility to use credit/debit cards)

Per Donation Fee–This is usually associated with the processing fee. WePay, for instance, charges 2.9% processing fee PLUS 30¢ per donation made.  That means, if you donated $100 to a campaign, WePay would get $2.90 + 30¢ for a total of $3.20.

SO…let’s think back to our school days and make this a math equation:

Site Fee + Processing Fee + Per Donation Fee = TOTAL FEES CHARGED

That’s it.

There isn’t an internet police that goes around checking websites to see that they’re posting the correct fees on their site, in a place where they can be found, and where they can be understood.

All you can do is be diligent when you’re comparing…to make sure that you’re comparing apples to apples.

But wait…we’ve done all the comparing for you!

Here’s what we discovered when comparing crowdfunding sites…their site fees, processing fees, and total fees.

The numbers don’t lie.

Some websites will “SPIN” it that their fees are cheaper, even FREE.  There are fees…and someone is paying those fees, generally your donors.

Move Your Mountain wants you to understand what our site fees are and what we’re going to do to help you reach your fundraising goal.

That’s it.

We’ve highlighted it in yellow for you.

Nothing hidden, mysterious, or fancy trickery.

Move Your Mountain is the MOST competitively priced online fundraising website in the US.

Not only do we share our REAL fees with you…we offer you SO many more services than any other crowdfunding site.

Mentors–Move Your Mountain assigns you a designated mentor when you start a campaign. This mentor  will share all the best tips and coach you throughout the fundraising process to help you reach your goal.

Contact Email Generating–We have a feature that will export your email contacts for you with ONE click. Those contacts will be sent an email announcing your fundraising campaign and where they can go to donate.

Social Media Sharing–Not only will we provide you the tools to share your campaign among your social media channels, but we help you come up with a strategy to ensure your campaign is exposed to the highest amount of family and friends.

Press Releases–Aren’t old school. They are a REAL tool that fundraisers should take advantage of. We not only provide you with a free template to generate a press release, but your mentor will help you write it and distribute it among the thousands of outlets available.

Tips–We use our collective knowledge here at Move Your Mountain, to share with you the latest and greatest techniques to raise money online. We are here to help you reach your fundraising goals and we share those tips with you throughout our Blog, Help Center, and FAQ’s.

Whether you’re raising money online for a fun adventure or to help with a tragic event…Move Your Mountain is here for you. Our team is passionate about helping you raise money for what matters most to you.

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