How to Add the GIVE Button to Your Facebook Page

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Have you seen the FANCY new app that our super developers created here at Move Your Mountain? It might look like a little blue “Give” button…but, that button can pack a powerful punch! We’ve discussed How to Create a Facebook Page before and how that can help your online fundraiser. Well, let’s take the next step and let me show you how to add the “give” button to your Facebook Page. This button shows up on your Facebook Page and when people click it to GIVE, they are taken directly to your campaign…all within your Facebook Page.

Let me show you how this works.

First…you need to Create that Facebook Page.

Now…have you started your fundraising campaign with Move Your Mountain? Well, make sure you Click the button “Get Started for Free” and create your campaign.

MYM facebook app

If you go into your campaign, click on the + sign.

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This will give you the option to “Add Page Tab”.

Just click that…and it will take you to Facebook.

Here, you will be able to pick which Page you want to add the Move Your Mountain Page Tab to.

Click “Add Page Tab”.

You’ll see a confirmation on your campaign page:

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Your Move Your Mountain Facebook Page Tab was Added Successfully!  Good job!

Now…let’s take a look at your Facebook Page…and see what this tab and button look like!

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Notice the “Give” Tab. When this is clicked, your online fundraising campaign with Move Your Mountain actually appears on your Facebook Page! Your visitors can donate to your campaign right from this Facebook Page.

Now…if you don’t see “Give” in your tab line-up…don’t worry. Click “More” and then “Manage Tabs”. This actually allows you to drag the tabs and put them in different orders. Drag the Move Your Mountain logo around until it’s one of the first few tabs and then it will show up on the page.

Here’s an image from the “timeline” view of your Facebook Page.

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Not only do you see the “Give” tab along the top, but you also see the “Give” button on the left sidebar.

If anyone clicks on that button, they will be automatically taken to your online fundraising campaign within Facebook. (It’s SO awesome!)

If your button is farther down on your sidebar, just click the “Apps” toolbar that’s on top of the button. A pencil will appear…click that. Here, you can manage the placement of your apps, pictures, and people. Just drag them to the order in which you want them.

And…that’s it!

You just added a GIVE button and tab to your Facebook Page. 

We hope this fancy button helps you raise MORE money for your cause!

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