Tips to Creating Campaign Page

Starting a crowdfunding campaign is easy, but it does take some planning. Finding the right platform is just the beginning.  Before you publish your campaign page on Move Your Mountain, let’s make sure you have some key aspects included.

Your Story

This is where you will INSPIRE everyone who reads about your cause.  It needs to be well written with great detail.  Don’t make is too short (two sentences) and don’t go overboard and make it 1,000 words!  Be concise and get to the point.

  • What is your cause?   (Why are you raising money online?)
  • Who will benefit from this fundraiser?
  • What exactly will you do with the funds?

Those are the key points that need to be covered.  If there is any relevant back story, give it.  Just be sure not to tell us TOO much information.  (you don’t want to lose potential donors because they don’t understand what the fundraiser is about and get lost in your words).


More money is BETTER…right?  Well, not necessarily when trying to fund-raise.  You want your goal to be attainable.  This means, you want to be able to explain in your summary what the money will be used for.  If you only need $2,000, then don’t set a goal for $10,000.  There will be times when you will actually exceed your goal…and those times are AMAZING!  But, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself or your potential donors.  Even if you have to set up your campaign in stages, and raise certain amounts at different times, those approaches often yield more positive results.


Upload an AMAZING picture to represent your campaign.  You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive camera, but you DO need to make sure your picture is relevant and clear.  Don’t have a fundraiser for Izzy’s cancer fund and show me a picture of your cute dog.  Upload a clear picture of Izzy.  Pictures are worth a thousand words.  They will communicate much more than your well written story.  The picture is the FIRST thing potential donors will notice on your site.  The picture needs to tell a story in and of itself.  For teams and groups…it’s perfectly fine to upload a logo, BUT, a team picture is FAR more powerful and intimate.


In lieu of a great picture on your campaign page, you can also choose to upload a video.  Creating a video that features who the campaign is about and why it is a POWERFUL message to show your potential donors.  Videos allow people to relate more to you and your cause…and feel like they are really a part of it.  If you’re going to use a video, make sure it’s clear, not shaky, and that the message is audible.  Editing the video with music and words will also make it stand out.


Once you publish your campaign, you HAVE to continue to update it.  Every time you post an update, your donors will be emailed.  This keeps them engaged and aware of how your fundraising efforts are going.  In your updates, be sure to include pictures and more videos.  


Even before you start your crowdfunding campaign, start talking about it to people.  Share with your friends and family once it’s published and don’t be shy about asking them to share it!  Your CROWD of people will be your main contributors, so engage with them.  Networking extends to not only business associates, but really anyone that you come in contact with.  Potential donors surround you daily.  You just have to reach out, talk to them, and inspire them to give to your campaign.


You don’t have to have a marketing degree to successfully market your campaign. Start with word of mouth.  Venture onto social media sites.  Don’t overlook radio, television, and newspapers.  Nothing will inspire potential donors more than YOUR passion for your campaign.

Mountain Mentors

If you’re still scratching your head or just want a second opinion, reach out to us!  Mountain Mentors are coaches on staff here at Move Your Mountain that are available to help YOU make your campaign successful. They will give you feedback on the look and feel of your campaign page and even give you tips on how to market it to your friends and family.  Oh, and did I mention that this service is FREE to you?  Just email them at and you’ll be paired with a mentor immediately!

Help Center and FAQ’s

We know that you’ll have questions along the way, and we’ve prepared a Help Center and list of FAQ’s to help you.  You will have access to this information 24/7.


We’re constantly talking about your awesome campaigns and tips on how to create the pages and improve the marketing.  Be sure to visit our newsletter archives to read them when you need inspiration or direction.

The staff at Move Your Mountain wants you to INSPIRE others to donate to your cause and we are here to help you.

Thanks for choosing us to help Move Your Mountain!

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