How do I tell my story?

After you’ve uploaded your photo or video, you’re ready to share your story.

Here are a few tips to remember when telling your story:

  • Use the 5 W’s (WHO is this campaign for, WHAT are you going to do with the money, WHERE are you located, WHEN did an event happen or when do you need the money by, and WHY did you start an online fundraising campaign?)
  • We have a spell check button, use it.
  • You can even upload more pictures in this story area.
  • Don’t tell us too much…reading for 20 minutes would be too much. BUT, don’t make it too short either. Just 2 sentences doesn’t explain the details enough.
  • Ask someone with you to proofread it and offer suggestions
  • You can even ask your mentor if there’s anything you should change or add

For great tips to create a great story, CLICK HERE.

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