What is a "Featured Image"?

The "Featured Image" is the MAIN picture at the top of your campaign. This is the FIRST thing that people will see and notice about your story.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and many times it's the picture that initially captures people's attention to want to read your story.

We recommend that you use a real photo that relates to the story instead of a generic or stock image. The goal is for people to be able to connect with you, your story, and who or what you are raising money for ... and a real photo does this best!

As much as we LOVE our logo...that can't be your featured image. Move Your Mountain requires you to use one of your own photos in your campaign.

If you need to re-size your image to make it look better, you can use editing software or free websites like PicMonkey.  If you still need a little help uploading your picture, just email a mentor and they’d be glad to help you at:

How to add your Featured Image


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