How do I receive my money?

While setting up a Move Your Mountain account, a WePay account is automatically created for you using the same email address. 

You will receive an email from WePay to "Confirm" your account, as shown below:


Click "Confirm" to Set a Password for WePay.

*Important:  You must confirm your WePay account within 14 days of setting up your Move Your Mountain account, or your campaign will stop accepting donations. After 30 days, your donations will be refunded and no new payments can be received.

You can also access your money by logging into your Move Your Mountain Dashboard and clicking “Withdraw Money”. Then just follow the prompts to login to WePay.

As soon as you receive your first donation, request an initial withdrawal and customize your WePay settings for daily withdrawals.

That’s it!

*If your Move Your Mountain campaign account is no longer active, you can also go to directly and login to your account with your email address and password.


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